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Tax Preparation Services

Change is inevitable.  Most of us would agree, even if we do so reluctantly.

For many of us, technology challenges our pen-and-paper habits developed over many years. Job descriptions and responsibilities are changing so fast that recent college graduates are finding it difficult to match skills with rapidly changing work requirements.  Millennial's who would seem to be best qualified for technology driven jobs are having difficulty finding employment other than lower paying service industry jobs.

We at Curran realize we too must adapt to a changing market place for financial services.

Historically most financial advisors supported the concept that financial advice and accounting services should be separate.

More than twenty years ago, some accounting practices began to offer investment services.  How successful they were is debatable.  It is my opinion that those who developed the investment side did well enough.  Those that depended primarily on good will developed over years based on accounting did not do as well. 

Curran launched Hippo Tax Services January 1, 2017.  We did this because we believe the integration of investment strategy and planning along with tax strategies is getting increasingly complex.  Income before tax and after tax has always been important; they have never been more important than they are today.  Nor has it ever been more of a challenge to integrate sound investment strategy with an efficient tax strategy. Please visit HIPPO Tax Services to meet our professionals.