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Wealth Management

Quality financial planning based on individual client needs


We work with you to consider how much money will be required in order to retire and maintain your desired life style.

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Estate Planning

We follow your pace while remaining available to assist in the documentation needed to ensure your loved ones from financial burden.

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Tax Planning

We work directly with HIPPO Tax Services  to maximize a client’s understanding of their entire tax picture. 

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Insurance Analysis & Review

We educate and advise you to consider your risk tolerance and insurance needs in order to gain a better understanding of your present and future goals.

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Education Planning

We help you start the conversation regarding early financial planning for your loved ones education, and further develop your needs within your risk tolerance.

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Private Wealth Managers

Our Private Wealth Managers are dedicated to empowering your financial decisions and providing you a panoramic view of your financial future.

At Curran, we define quality through the synergy of our services. Connecting clients with trusted members in our community helps us ensure our clients are being taken care of at every stage of the wealth management process.