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Grass is Always Greener on the other Side...or is it?

We’ve all heard the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side.” I disagree. It’s green where you water it. Let’s use growing a garden as an example.

The SeedYour investments
Water to Sunlight RatioAsset allocation
Unpredictable WeatherMarket volatility
Watering ScheduleMeetings with your PWM assessing your financial goals/projected growth
GardenersPrivate Wealth Managers & Investment Committee

Think about it for a moment. Long-term investing takes commitment just like tending to your garden. You can’t expect to plant one seed and have a fruitful garden in a weeks’ time just like you can’t expect one investment to drastically change your portfolio. It’s a process. It takes effort. It takes time.

Our Private Wealth Managers and Investment Committee are dedicated to tending to your investments (your garden if you will) and making recommendations aligning with your future goals so you experience growth over the long-term.

Our Curran Core Growth Equity Strategy has shown growth since 1998 because we’ve “watered” it. This is not to say we haven’t weathered a few storms. Of course we have. However, we've remained consistent in our approach and analyzed the data no matter the performance.

Market volatility is all the mainstream media seems to talk about especially now during an inflation cycle. Remember we have been “watering” our Curran Core Growth Equity strategy since 1998 and despite market volatility, we’ve never stopped “watering” it.

This applies to all of our strategies. Our Midcap and Small Cap equity strategies began in 2003. Growth and Income began in 2006. Our All-Cap Equity strategy started in 2012. Our SMid cap strategy (a combination of our Small Cap and Mid Cap strategies) began in 2014.

All of our strategies are different and need to be nurtured individually similar to any plant you may choose to grow in your garden. Investment approach, asset allocation and equity holdings all play a part in the creation of a strategy. The same way proper sunlight, water intake and gardening discipline play a part in successfully growing a garden.

It comes down to the consistency of our Investment Committee alongside the guidance and routine maintenance from our Private Wealth Managers that allow our strategies to perform well within each of your portfolios. 

In closing all of our gardens are different. Some may take more or less maintenance than others. The common theme is all of them have to be tended to and when they are, they grow. I invite you to reconsider the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side” and I raise you “the grass is green where you water it”.